HI everyone ( humans , aliens, vamps, were-animals, cute pets that can secretly read books whoever I don’t mind I ain’t no racist) who’s reading my first post EVER. Okay fine!! Calm your pants!!..this is not my first post , technically my first was when i was in grade 6 so that doesn’t count trust me.

First of all let me welcome you to my informal book blog. I am a romantic at heart and love all things comfy like quilts, blankets, hot chocolate, chocolates period (of course chocolates are comfy!!). This blog will mainly deal with books that I have read, presently reading, want to read, want to gorge on, want to sleep with, live with etc…you get the idea. I live among people who aren’t as CRAZY as I am of books (like seriously they nod off in front of novels I mean who does that!! ). The desperation to share my thoughts about great books, not so great books, terrible books with someone like ANYONE made me take this drastic decision to start a blog to find fellow desperate souls who wants to rave or rant about books that they love/hate.


This is just for an effect do not treat those babies like that or instead of santa it will be me down your chimney

I will mainly deal with fiction and under that I hope to cover adventure, romance,  humour and a variety of genres.The reviews I post will be honest to God mine that I hope will help other book crazies to find choose and fall in love with great books preferably over a hot chocolate.

Until next post

My love rockets to you 🙂

PS: Are we supposed to put smileys on posts.. oh well this is just me 😀 🙂