Hello, I am Kanchana Nair .

Who is Kanchana ? ¬†Book lover, talkative girl , romantic at heart, lover of all colours and comfy things and still can throw a mean punch. I have quirky out look to life and love “old-fashioned” courtesies.

I love books , love them so much that my loved ones use it as blackmail material ( Don’t you dare threaten my babies). Before I begin with let me put it out there that I am not a writer ( yet ) but the amount of books I read and the desperation to share good books to fellow lovers made me start WHATCHU READ. ¬†My maxim: keep reading and help others read good books. I hope my book reviews help as I will try to cover a lot of genres under fiction with my favourite romantic , comedies adventure and kick ass novels mixed in.

I will concentrate here on great books, good books, okay books, not so okay books to dull and terrible books. Hopefully we can together rave, rant , laugh , sigh and scream over books and authors that we love hate.