Hi everyone nice to see that I haven’t scared you off after the first post.

Before I start the book review let me just say wow I had a lot of FUN reading this book.

4 STARS – THAT’S how good it is out of Five

R.S Grey has written a beautiful and funny romantic book that can literally lift your mood from basement to the top floor. I constantly had a goofy smile plastered on my face.The ALLURE of Julian Lefray has well developed characters.

“Do you see those dimples? Yup. That’s the Julian Lefray I will be reporting to tomorrow morning”.


The hero , Julian Lefray is the 31 year old part owner of Lorena Lefray Designs. Lorena is a famous fashion designer and Julian’s younger sister. He lives in Boston and moves to   New York city to help out his sister during her stint in rehab. His relationship between his sister makes you go all sweet inside believe me.



My casting for Julian Lefray

The heroine ( whom I completely adore ) is Josephine Keller aka Jo who is a fashion blogger with a very witty mind and smart mouth. Her inner dialogues left me in hysterics. She is a small town Texas girl of 24 who comes to New York to full fill her dreams and ambition in fashion industry. Though her parents regard this as foolish she is determined to prove that she is cut out for this industry and big city. You can see her drive to achieve it.

Julian is good looking and when I say good looking I mean smoking and he becomes interested in our Jo and what’s not there to drool over her…she’s beautiful, smart , witty, sassy, hot and curvy with a great sense of fashion. Jo is more than attracted to Julian with his dimples, bone melting smiles and rock hard body. Their chemistry is incredible and their banter is steamy. But moreover its their friendship that caught me from across the pages


My casting for Jo

“The morning light played up his hazel eyes and for a moment I was caught in his allure.The dark brows,the dark hair,the tan skin.A weaker woman would have thrown herself at him a long time ago.”

The Julian’s mother’s character is uptight and snobbish and makes you think where did their two children come from ( did aliens drop them off on their doorstep at the same time Jo’s mother at the beginning comes across as this overprotective mother who doesnt believe in Jo but then you realize she a really sweet woman and a mother.

I loved Dean’s character who is this typical best friend that lovingly annoys the hell out of Julian.

“Yeah, but Dean and I were both hungry again by the time the restaurant closed. Don’t you have guy friends? You should know that we require constant feeding.”


Even though you know how its going to end and the idea isn’t really original I enjoyed it. In fact it was pure fun and that’s the credit of a talented author. the whole book was entertaining and fun with low angst level. It was cheesy but that kind of cheesiness just brings out a goofy smile on your face and I have no problems with that. This is not my first book of the author and let me tell you each time around its fun and I am not disappointed people far from it that I am excitedly looking forward to her next book.

If you are looking for a fun , sexy, sweet romantic novel then I fully recommend it  to you.

Warning 17+ novel( so mommy and daddies keep it away from children ;D:D )

Until next post keep reading and have fun

My love rockets to you

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